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Convert Your Htc Explorer Into windows Explorer Phone

Htc Explorer windows

Are you tired of your existing Android system? 
Do you want to see what a Windows Phone(Nokia Lumia etc.) looks like? 
So be ready to taste the Windows Phone Operating system. We have a list of applications which will completely transform your existing Android OS into Windows Phone OS. You do not need to install a new ROM or lose your installed applications and setting. Simply install these Applications on your mobile to convert it into Windows Phone, while keeping your installed applications and settings.

We also have a Windows Phone ROM for HTC explorer. But I dont want you to go into the lengthy ROM installation process. In fact, this method is simple and whenever you want to go back to your Android OS, Simply uninstall these Windows Phone applications from your phone.

Most of these applications are paid apps, but you can download them for free here.
Have Fun

1- Windows launcher (Launcher 7)

The best Windows Phone Launcher available for Android. It is even better than the original Windows Phone. It also support widgets and other functionalities of Android.

2- Windows Notifications

The Launcher alone cannot give you a complete touch of Windows Phone. Windows Notifications for Android will take care of that.

3- Windows Lock

The bouncing, simple and clean Windows Phone Lock. 

4- Windows Messaging

It is in Alpha stage, but so far the best Windows Messaging App available.

5- Windows Mail

       The best Windows Mail apps available on the Market.

6- Windows Gallery (Photo Safari)

View your beautiful photos more beautifully with the beatiful Windows Gallery.

7- Windows Contacts/Dialer/Phone

View/Manage your contacts, history, groups in Windows phone style. 

8- Windows Music (Zune)

Windows Music is, in my opinion, much better than the stock Music apps for android, since it has some new features and the looks of Windows OS.

9- windows calculator

enjoy the cool windows calculator


  1. Please upload Windows ROM also.


  2. sorry platform is totally different so no windows for android mobiles!