This is an article based on "How to root htc explorer" here.As rooting has been a great problem for htc explore and in my opinion a rooted phone is thousand times better than a non rooted phone and as for htc explorer its hardware is very powerful.But the problem is that new released apps or games dont work on a non rooted explorer.Because of their requirments.Rooting is the best option to make use of your htc explorer.Here i will guide you about how to root your HTC EXPLORER.If u do as i do you will have no problems and follow every step carefuly.If you miss a step or you do any step wrong you can also get your phone bricked.I am not responsible for any problems  caused during rooting so follow every carefully
I decided to create a clean tutorial as  for those who want to root their HTC explorer.As rooting have thousands of problems. I will be editing it as new improvements appear.
Rooting will NOT change anything in your phone, it just make root access possible, if you want overclock and ext-2/3/4 partitions posible look here once you finish rooting with this tutorial.

1. Install HTC Sync on your PC
    First of all yolu need to download htc sync from here:
so that computer recognize your phone

2. Unlock your phone's bootloader
    Now you will have to unlock your boot loader by visiting this site:
and then follow the will  have to select "all other supported models". as HTC EXPLORER is not listed there as a working device.But it has been tested and works perfectly.

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3. Add a recovery 
  After unlocking bootloader it will then allow you to install .zip files.You can access to it in the menu.Android phones have when booting the phone after removing-inserting the battery and pressing "volume down" and "power" buttons simultaneously.

  • - Now Download A310E
  • - Then Extract it in any drive on your computer.
  • - Now you will have to run the recovery.bat with phone in fastboot mode ,which is the first option in the "3 android menu" and connected your htc explorer with computer through usb cable.

4. ROOT the device

  • - After following the above steps now download this file  and place itsomewhere in the your micro SD card.
  • - Now go into Recovery mode by pressing "volume down" + "power button".
  • - After accessing the recovery mode install with the option "install .zip from sd" from the recovery menu.

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if you are still having problems in rooting your device for your support i have also made a video you can follow the video.


  1. My htc explorer has 600 mhz processor not 1 ghz processor
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  3. thanks so much..!! god blesss you!!

  4. I can't find a recovery file for HTC Explorer A310b. Please Help! I've been trying to find it for weeks. Please I'd be really grateful. I have unlocked the bootloader already

  5. i dont have Java Runtime Environment. does it matter?