Saturday, 14 July 2012


    Welcome the world of Explorer/pico phone.Htc might have forgot this phone but we wont because it is among those phones which have low cost But heavy uses.It is a durable phone.Htc explorer has 1 ghz processor and armv7 gpu which is mostly used in games.This site is officialy built to change the look of your htc explorer by adding new roms,apps,games and much more stuff.Anything that is given to you here is 1000% legit and working on htc explorer.This site will provide you with various types of roms that will change the look of your completly.I will provide you with Latest games and apps for your phone.whatever listed in here is up to date..Are you people having big problems in rooting or flashing your htc explorer?.....The solution is here.I present you the first ever official blog for Htc Explorer.You will have the solution for any kind of problems that you are facing in your Explorer phone.I gurrantee you that you will get the answers to your questions faster than any other blog.So enjoy this free stuff and dont forgot to leave a feedback

Windows on HTC Explorer

I am going to fulfil your desires by introducing the first ever windows Rom for your Htc explorer.This is the only Place where you can have the windows rom for your htc explorer.So simply convert your Htc explore into windows phone.Dont wait just hurry ,Goto Android Apps Page NOW...

ROOTING' Your HTC Explorer

As many people are having thousands of problems in rooting Htc explorer.So i decided to make a clean and errors less tutorial to help i have told you above that is the First ever official blog for Htc Explorer.You can trust us and can get your phone rooted.But i would like to warn you that doing a single step wrong while rooting your phone can get your Phone bricked and i am not responsible for that remember.I suggest you might do insurance for your Phone hahah....


Are you having problems with your internal memory?is it to low ...But dont worry here on my blog I will guide you about "how to increase internal memory in htc explorer".you can  use this method for other android phones also.Its necessary that your phone must be rooted for increasing internal memory without its now worth a shot.Rooting gives you access to all the options of your phone.Increasing internal memory is very easy and fast.i suggest to use a class 10 or class 08 sd card.Because they are quite fast and can hold data without any problems.SO get your phones internal memory increased.Visit mods and tools page 


 I introduce you to the world of android games which are designed to work on HVGA phones,But especially for Htc explorer.All the games are tested on Htc Explorer without a single bug and you can have these officialy purchased games for Free so hurry and Dont wait.

If you are having any problems regarding this plz report


There are thousands of applications and softwares for htc explorer/pico.But most of them actually dont work on explorer.Due to their requirments.This blog is built to help people about getting applications for their explorer phone and i hope that this site will help you a lot.Applications provided are 1000% person legit and working on htc explorer.Our aim is to give your phone a complete new look.I hope that you find every app that you want on this site.Thank you     


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